Jun 132010

Thank you to everyone who came out to help or stopped by our table at Edmonton’s Gay Pride Parade today. It was a roaring success! Our pirate-costumed group, including a significant and wonderfully costumed UAAA contingent, marched down Jasper Ave. with our Flying Spaghetti Monster (photos coming soon). More than one spectator requested a touch from His noodly appendages during the parade, and we received plenty of cheers. Afterward, at the table in Churchill Square, we had many, many people stop by to say that they were glad to see us there, exclaim over the FSM, and generally make the day a whole lot of fun. Thank you also to everyone who purchased a SEA membership, t-shirt, pen, or just donated some change. We couldn’t afford these events without you. For anyone sad that they missed us, you can still come out to the Summer Solstice picnic next weekend!

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